"If all people become a vegetarian, the environmental problem may decrease sharply."

  "We should be able to have the rich eating habits, even if we do not take the life of animals."


  Thinking about those things, we opened SAIRAM as an eatery in Kamakura and Okurayama, Yokohama city, both of which are strictly for vegans.


  We stick to using the naturally-cultivated vegetables and select the suppliers such as Natural Harmony.  We make the organic cake with rice syrup, maple syrup, and soy milk instead of milk, butter, and white sugar.

  Any alcoholic drink is not available as well as animal food is not.  Therefore all people in your group will not have any other choice than the vegetarian foods and non-alcoholic drinks.


  SAIRAM's woody house has a large terrace where you could enjoy the wide view of the ocean.  Enjoy our delicious foods while feeling the sea breeze.  We prepared table seats inside, too.


  We offer our cooking in the buffet style so that customers can take what and how much they want.  For-Here (eat-in) and To-Go are both available.  

(But some items are limitted to only For-Here in the summer.)


- Please note -

  We ask all customers to take off their shoes and put them in the shoe cupboard at the entrance.  We would appreciate your corporation.


SAIRAM Kamakura

20-11 Sakanoshita Kamakura, Kanagawa 2480021, Japan



Holiday: Wed. & Thu.


11:30 AM-6:00 PM (L.O.5:30 PM)

Winter (Nov-Mar): Close at 5:00 PM

(Jp) http://www.sairam.jp

(En) http://sairam-kamakura-en.link

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