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  Our house is located in front of Sakanoshita Beach and you will see a park there.  It would be nice either to walk on the beach or to relax on the lawn of the park.



  Walking a little to the west, Inamuragasaki is there. It's well know as a superb view point and a good surfing ground.

  Inamuragasaki is also a historical spot where the story of Kamakura Shogunate-overturn started. We would like you to enjoy a time around the beach.

Goryo-jinja Shrine 御霊神社

  Not only out-of-town visitors, nearby residents visit this shrine as well.  It is dedicated to a Kamakura samurai and is called Gongoro Jinja after his name. Goryo Jinja is a lovely shrine with a lot of ancient stories, while it's now famous as a filming spot.


  Going to the right along a lane in front of our cafe, you will reach Gokurakuji-saka street.  This narrow lane was filmed in a popular TV drama before.

  You can keep walking along another lane from Goryo Jinja to Hasedera temple. They are near immediately. It is one of the charms of Kamakura that people can enjoy a walk both along the lively streets and the quiet narrow lanes.

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